Sad dramas on Netflix that will make you cry with their episodes

The emotional stories of the dramas manage to touch the most sensitive fibers of our hearts, these K-Dramas have different themes, but all of them will make you cry with their sad plots.

Although there are many Korean dramas that make us laugh out loud or fall in love, there are stories for every occasion and that is why we also find series where nostalgia, melancholy and sadness are the protagonists.

Is about K-dramas that for one reason or another, lead us to see the characters challenges so difficult that they seem difficult to overcome or that simply lead to an end sad that breaks our hearts.

So if you are looking for a drama on Netflix to watch today, here you will find several alternatives that will touch your heart with the experiences of its characters and will move you to tears with the sadness that they experience.

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Netflix: Sad K-Dramas where the characters face all kinds of challenges

Year: 2018

Made by: Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hye Sun

The drama is also known as Hymn of Death, it tells the story of a man who tries to direct a play at the time of the Japanese occupation, he meets South Korea’s first soprano and they fall in love chasing a fatal destiny.

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Year: 2019

Starring: Yoon Kye Sang, Ha Ji Won, Jang Seung Jo

A surgeon and a chef meet and become close almost inevitably, their paths crossing in a hospital where most people are spending their last days of life.

Year: 2022

Starring: Lee Soo Hyuk, Yoon Ji On, Ro Woon

A boy with great academic performance has not been able to find the job he wants, one day he meets a group of very mysterious people, they are some Angels of Death and very soon he will join them in their work.

Year: 2020

Starring: Kim Tae Hee, Lee Kyu Hyung, Go Bo Kyul

Cha Yoo Ri was expecting her first baby when an accident ended her life, her ghost has not been able to leave because she does not give up being with her little girl, so she gets a chance to see her for a short time, but now her husband is married to someone else.

Year: 2021

Starring: Lee Je Hoon, Tang Joon Sang, Hong Seung Hee, Kwon Soo Hyun

A boy with Asperger’s Syndrome works with his father and both offer a very special service, they are in charge of organizing a person’s belongings when they lose their lives, but when this boy’s father dies everything changes.

On the other hand, we recommend some not so well-known dramas that you will find on Netflix.

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