Sabrina Sato redecorates her daughter’s room for 2022

The presenter and ex-BBB Sabrina Sato decided to redecorate his daughter’s room, Zoe, the result of his relationship with the actor Duda Nagle, for the year 2022. Who revealed the new decoration of the child’s room was Sabrina’s mother, Kika Sato, through videos in Stories from his Instagram profile, during this Friday (07/01).

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“Guys, Zoe is seeing her little room! There’s no pillow and blanket here!”, Zoe’s grandmother said in the videos. “I’m in this little house. I’m enjoying it! Happy New Year!”, completed the little one.

The presenter, her husband and daughter had an emotional reunion after spending New Year’s Eve apart. “We’re back!!! Happy New Year!!!”, said Duda while sharing a video of his family. The actor celebrated the arrival of 2022 in Rio de Janeiro, while Sabrina and Zoe spent in Bahia with their family. There was a special reason: Duda ended up testing positive for Influenza and had to stay away from her family to avoid new infections between them.

Duda’s diagnosis was confirmed through “Quem” when contacting the couple’s advisors. The actor ended up isolating himself in an apartment in Rio, while Sabrina was in the northeast.

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