Sabrina Ferilli intervenes on body shaming against Vanessa Incontrada and the controversy breaks out: “Speak to her who is stuffed with botox and fillers”

Days go by but the debate on the photos of Vanessa Incontrada immortalized on the beach, published by New, continue to hold court. While the editor of the weekly published by Cairo defends and minimizes, defining it “a paparazzi like a thousand others, made on the beachAnd speaking of a “useless sandstorm”, several famous people have expressed their opinion about it and it must be said that the sides – in perfect Italian style – are opposed. In these hours she intervened also Sabrina Ferilli and he did so by commenting on a post by Wild Lucarelliwhich before opening a discussion on bodyshaming and instrumentalization of the body, wrote that in her opinion that cover “could easily exist and be safely ignored. He is a celebrity in a bathing suit, each of us can comment on what he wants at home, in the office, at the beautician and end of story. To forget about it two minutes later, because even the fuss of the judgments in the square on the body of Vanessa Incontrada ».

Among the first comments arrived there is also that of Ferilli, who replied as follows: “I would post what they posted about me! And what captions below! I let you imagine … then we who are exposed to so many things, I let you imagine what objective eyes we have in front of us! Uuhhhh… », wrote the actress. That she has chosen as a line not to be scratched by serial haters: “I always thought that I didn’t give a damn … and I must say that I left these things in the ambit of the joke … I don’t think any social or civil problem should be bothered ”.

Immediately after though Ferilli had to deal with the inevitable inveterate commentators, including the classic “keyboard lion”, who wrote: “For someone who, as Costanzo says, wants to look like a twenty year old for life, who puts on two cheekbone prostheses, filled with botox and fillers, and all possible treatments in the body, including reducing your breasts, I would step aside in this discussion. ‘ The answer of the diva of The Great Beauty? Epic. “Take care. And I could also help you“. And then back to the Incontrada, which pictured on the cover on New she appears disheveled and unfiltered, she added: «For us public figures it is like this. If they photograph you on a beach you can do little, except rely on the touch of those who publish ». As if to say: Signoretti lacked tact.

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