Sabine Lisicki: does the tennis star have a new man by his side?

Sabine Lisicki
She has drawn lessons from her relationship with Oliver Pocher

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Sabine Lisicki speaks openly about her current private life. The tennis star also talks about the almost three-year relationship with comedian Oliver Pocher.

Between 2013 and 2016 Sabine Lisicki, 32, and Oliver Pocher, 43, were a couple. The comedian is now married again and has two young sons with his wife Amira. But what about Lisicki? In an interview with “Bunte”, the tennis star revealed what love is currently like and what goals have been set for 2022.

Sabine Lisicki: “Tennis is still hip at the moment”

Sabine Lisicki has not been on the tennis court for a year. Her serious knee injury, which she sustained at a tournament in Linz, has made a return impossible so far. But the comeback has been announced for 2022. “At the moment tennis is still hip and I don’t have a partner either,” said the 32-year-old. Nevertheless, her “family and children” would also take up space in her thoughts. For this, however, there must first be the right partner.

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Lisicki had not found this in Oliver Pocher, but she can draw her lessons from the partnership: “I learned what could have been done better and to look ahead.” The tennis player has learned in recent years that the only thing that matters is getting up again after defeat – this applies to both the professional and the private level in the life of the native of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Rumors of an affair made love crumble in late 2015

In December 2015, rumors of an alleged affair between Pocher and then DSDS candidate Sarah Joelle Jahnel dealt the relationship between the comedian and Lisicki a bitter blow. At first, the then 26-year-old stood by Pocher’s side and trusted his words that he had not cheated on her. “At that point in time, I still trusted him,” said Lisicki in an interview with GALA in 2016. At some point she had the proof “in black and white”. “Something new kept coming to light. At some point it was enough for me. I noticed that I no longer have any feelings for him,” said Lisicki, explaining the separation.

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