Ryanair: already many flights canceled pending the real strike, more than 13,000 passengers affected in Belgium

As a reminder, all flights operated in Belgium with Belgian personnel, departing from Zaventem, will be canceled as well as many flights from Charleroi, Didier Lebbe, from the CNE, told the Belga agency.

The reasons for this weekend’s strike are the same as those that led to the movement at the end of June. The pilots feel “despised” and are waiting for a salary increase after agreeing to give up 20% of their salary during the health crisis linked to the coronavirus. “Ryanair has indicated that activity has reached 115% compared to its 2019 level, so there is nothing preventing this salary increase”, explains Didier Lebbe.

The Irish airline signed agreements on Thursday, in particular concerning a salary increase, with the French and Spanish pilots. “There is talk of a return to the salary of 2020 in 2027”, protests Didier Lebbe. “I don’t know why they signed this, but there is no way similar agreements will be signed in Belgium.”

In Belgium, the management of Ryanair has not made any contact with the pilots’ unions for negotiations, adds the unionist.

Brussels Airport has confirmed in a statement that only Ryanair flights with Belgian crew will be cancelled. This represents five rotations, five departures and five arrivals, out of a total of 16 for the day on Saturday. The airport expects a similar situation on Sunday. This represents a third of the flights. More than 3,500 passengers are affected.

In Charleroi, nearly 50 flights will certainly be canceled. Nearly 10,000 passengers will be harmed.

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