Ryan Reynolds unveils the project he’s most ashamed of

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It’s been a busy year for Ryan Reynolds! While he is currently playing Red Notice on Netflix, alongside Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, he was also to be discovered within The Hitman’s Wife’s Body Guard and Free Guy this summer. At the age of 45, the actor can boast of having had a successful flourishing career, even if it is far from over. After months of busy and trying work, however, he expressed his desire to take a break. Near ComicBook, while promoting Red Notice, Ryan Reynolds has unveiled the project he is most ashamed of.

No, it’s not about 6 Underground or a big blockbuster movie as one might have imagined. Ryan Reynolds recalls being on a TV sitcom project, and as he recounts, it was a total fiasco: “One of my first jobs was being on a sitcom. He was a pilot and I was maybe 18 or 19. They rewrote everything just before the audience came in. So it was a pilot. There was a ton of stakes. It was a live audience and neither of us knew his lines. Everyone was trying to get by quickly and figure out what was going on. first time I really tried to experiment with improvisation on camera “.

In the end, even if Ryan Reynolds is a little ashamed of this experience, he is proud to have managed to improvise something.. The actor gave his maximum, even if at the time, he “was living his worst nightmare” : “Your face is hot and there are four or 500 people sitting in an audience watching you flounder”. Of course, since then, the actor has been able to recover and participate in large-scale projects. He will return in particular in Deadpool 3, here is the latest information to know.

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