Ryan Reynolds’ unexpected condition to be James Bond

There are certain roles in the movies that are legendary and James Bond It is one of them. The character, created by Ian Fleming, is already iconic worldwide and, despite being a literary saga, his arrival in the film industry increased its success. So much so that any actor who plays Agent 007 will gain global recognition that could seldom be achieved in the cinema.

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That is why the fact that now the role of James Bond be free has opened a huge list of candidates. Daniel Craig, the last actor to play the spy, left his post after the premiere of No time to Die last September 30. That is to say, now the production will have to look for a new artist and there are already certain renowned actors ready to put themselves in the agent’s shoes.

Among them, in addition to Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy or Tom Holland, is Ryan Reynolds. The protagonist of Red alert, the new Netflix hit, recently joined those interested in the position of James Bond. Before him it was Dwayne Johnson, his great friend, who confessed his interest in the role, so the actor could not be left behind and admitted his desire to become the new protagonist of this successful saga.

Although, it should be noted that before giving the final yes, Ryan Reynolds made an unexpected and comical condition. When asked about his future projects during an interview, the actor said: “I heard they are looking for a new James Bond. Could you accept a Canadian gin and tonic instead of a martini? If so, I am interested”. And, without a doubt, it left everyone surprised.

It is that, Reynolds’s words not only refer to Bond’s favorite drink, but to the nationalities of each one. Originally the character is English, so the actors who played him so far have always been British, but Ryan is of Canadian origin, so that is a point that he does not have in his favor to be chosen by the production.

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