Ryan Reynolds, the best in "Red alert" de Netflix


It’s a fact: we all want Ryan Reynolds. We know that he hardly ever talks seriously, not with his characters or in his off-camera occurrences in which he laughs at himself and does imitations. His gifts for comedy, and composing those roles of almost unbearable but lovable beings, give him the approval of the public to be a lackluster superhero as in “Green Lantern” -movie barely saved by his presence – an antihero with a punk attitude and foul-mouthed as “Deadpool” or the sophisticated jewel thief who composes in “Red alert” (“Red notice”) released a few days ago on Netflix and shortly before in some theaters.

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Perhaps the only problem with good Ryan is that he begins to repeat himself and it is difficult to find nuances in his different roles. But he still has enough charisma to be the charming loser of “Free Guy” and then ignore The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, in this film that requires provision of popcorn.

The argument reads: “Interpol issues a red alert – the highest arrest warrant reserved for the world’s most wanted criminals – and John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson), the best profiler in the FBI, is the agent assigned to the case. His international hunt takes him to the center of a risky heist in which he must team up with the biggest con man, Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds), to catch the most wanted art thief on the face of the Earth, known as ‘El Alfil’ (Gal Gadot). An unusual high-level adventure begins for the three of them, in which they will have to traverse a pompous dance floor, find themselves trapped in a remote prison, reach the deep jungle and – to add insult to injury – endure each other’s company. “

Reynolds, Gadot and Johnson, friends and colleagues. (Photo: Netflix)

That’s right: this is not a work that will make film history but it offers an entertaining journey, reminiscent of “Indiana Jones” and even a hint of “Deadly Weapon”, a la “buddies movies”. And seeing this top-notch trio is just too tempting. “Dwayne and I have been friends for 21 years, I’ve already known Gal for about 10. It’s a bit like going to work with your best friends, and that’s the best way to work I can think of. I really loved this experience.” Reynolds commented in an interview.

Booth is self-centered and can’t bear to know that he is the “number 2” of art thieves. His meeting with the FBI agent will complicate things, but he will know how to use each situation to his advantage. Eventually, of course, she will start to grow fond of the big man (another being of light from Hollywood) and consider not ripping him off.

For just over two hours, this peculiar trio lies to each other, helps each other, betrays, mistrusts and friends in an almost frantic way. There is a trip (fictional, they did not come) to our missionary jungle with the well-known excuse that there are Nazi treasures in our territory (when will the producers and writers forget that?) Implausible scenes but necessary for the action, and good doses of humor.


Check out the trailer for “Red Alert”!

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