Ryan Reynolds reveals: Under these conditions, the Marvel star would become the new James Bond

The role of James Bond has quite a few contenders. Now even Marvel star Ryan Reynolds has brought himself into play on one condition.

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Daniel Craig’s version of ended with “No Time to Die” James Bond and fans speculate who could succeed him. More and more stars are getting involved in the role of Agent 007, even though they are neither British nor are they considered favorites. Some mean it more seriously and some not so much. Like, for example, “Red Notice” star Dwayne Johnson, whom very few people have in mind as the new Bond.

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Now Johnson’s “Red Notice” colleague and Marvel star has also become Ryan Reynolds reported in the Times (via ScreenRant) to speak. The native Canadian jokes that he would definitely like to play James Bond, but only on one condition: “I heard you’re looking for a new Bond. Could you accept a Canadian who sips gin and tonic instead of a martinis? If so, I’m interested. “

The fact that Reynolds is a gin lover has been certain since 2016 at the latest, when the actor became a partner in Aviation American Gin, a US gin distillery. Our video reveals which actors, in contrast to Reynolds, are seriously considered as Bond actors:

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“Spider-Man” star Tom Holland would also like to be James Bond

With Tom Holland, another Marvel star has already brought up the role as James Bond and, unlike Ryan Reynolds, he seems to be really serious. He would probably rather play the iconic agent than act in 100 other “Spider-Man” films. In contrast to Johnson and Reynolds, Holland is British and would therefore have an advantage.

The list of Bond candidates doesn’t end with Tom Holland, of course. Tom Hardy (“Venom 2”) is one of the big favorites for the role, but recently another actor also rose to the top of a betting company: We are talking about Tom Hopper, who is featured in “Game of Thrones” , “The Umbrella Academy” and the upcoming “Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City”.

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James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has already announced that the next Bond actor will not be selected until 2022. After all, fans should be able to properly enjoy Daniel Craig’s graduation with “No Time to Die” without directly focusing on his successor.

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