Ryan Gosling in Sydney, Australia: He caused a traffic collapse!

“It’s great that the Harbor Bridge will be seen, it deserves it, but to close an eight-lane thoroughfare, including pedestrian and bicycle lanes, just so they can shoot a damn movie is definitely not amazing anymore…” commented an annoyed Twitter user.

Gray Man Ryan Gosling in the new trailer!

In addition to traffic chaos, people also complained about excessive noise, helicopters flew over the residential area early in the morning for filming. The actor arrived in Australia with his wife Eva Mendes, 48, and their children to film The Fall Guy, which is based on the 1980s TV series of the same name. It is about a stuntman who led a double life, because he also made a living as a bounty hunter.

The Gray Man: A mysterious CIA agent uncovers secrets that could destroy the agency completely. A former colleague, who has probably gone mad, then puts a bounty on his head and chases him around the world.

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