RV’s Joy is ready for her role in drama Just One Person

Everyone involved in creating the Korean drama Just One Person was very excited at the cast meeting for the script reading, where they demonstrated some details of their characters. What will be the role of Red Velvet’s Joy?

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After the comeback of Red Velvet with Queendom, Joy started with new projects and one of them is drama Just One Person, surely his character will mark a before and after in his career as actress because of the complexity and history. : 0

The Just One Person production revealed some photos of the script reading of the cast, in them the fans observed the emotions that Joy, Lee Soo Mi, Jang Hyun Sung, Do Sang Woo, Ahn Eun Jin, Kim Kyung Nam and Ahn Chang Hwan impressed on their roles in the plot.

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What is the character of Joy from Red Velvet in Just One Person? Quite a challenge for the idol

Just One Person is a drama that combines romance with sensitivity, as it is about three women with completely different personalities and lives who were diagnosed with terminal illnesses, when they meet they will join forces to end up with a person. OMG!

Joy Red Velvet will bring to life Sung Mi Do, a popular influencer who does not have much time to live, during the script reading of the drama, attendees were excited by the sensational interpretation of the singer.

Another characteristic of the JTBC television production is that the entire cast is very united and at all times they showed their good synchrony in the dialogues, complicity and above all passion for this new project.

Those in charge of the story ensured that each of the actors of Just One Person understood the feelings and the situations of its characters, more in the scenes that are about giving comfort to the 3 women who already know their destiny and still try to give their best.

Red Velvet’s Joy and the rest of the Just One Person cast at the script reading. | Source Twitter @queenamatcha

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When does Red Velvet’s drama Just One Person with Joy premiere?

So far there are no reports of an official release date, but Just One Person is expected to hit the screens of Joy’s fans and the rest of the cast by the second half of 2022. What do you think of the story and the chemistry between actors?

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