Růžičková in the crosshairs with Troška: A secret dispute over money?

The main plot line of the free sequel was supposed to involve the kidnapping of a grandmother, whom the ufoni were to choose as a suitable specimen to investigate. The idea, however Helena Růžičková, alias Škopková, did not like it at all. There should have been serious arguments between the director and the main actress. At that time, however, a contract for a quarter of a million crowns had already been signed.

Film mistakes in the notorious comedy Sun, Hay, Strawberries

He told me he didn’t really want her to play in it. Now what? I told him that it wasn’t a problem, that it would start with Helena and Jirka going to the field in their wellies, suddenly a flying saucer appeared, they were looking for it, they drove into a railroad crossing and were swept away by a train. Well, and it will be… But Helena found out about it, and she did everything to prevent the fourth part from being filmed.” scriptwriter Petr Markov (77) explained according to Blesk information.

Because they were Růžičková and Wreck great friends, of course they soon reconciled. But it’s already too late for filming to take place. The actors started to leave. In 1996, the Sun came, the hay lost Keliška, and shortly after that, Kája, Cecilka, the chairman, grandmother and priest Otík.

18 years since the death of Helena Růžičková: On acting from a dental assistant

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