Růžičková has no peace for a moment: I’m all burned up, she misses herself

Problems with replacing implants Ružičkova have been accompanying since last year, when the planned operation was postponed due to illness. “I’m sick, they sent me home. Cold, neck, head… I thought I would give it, but they told me no. I drink tea and I have antibiotics,” Marie told the Expres editors about the reasons.

Marie Růžičková spoke to her haters

However, the wife of the hockey legend does not have peace even at the beginning of the new year. Another inconvenience is now complicating the operation! “I have had a pre-operative examination. The nurses don’t dare to see me anymore, so the anesthesiologist examined me straight away. I’m all stung,” lamented Růžičková on Instagram, who admitted a problem with her veins. “She stabbed me again for the fourth time. Insanely. She told me that I had no veins and that she was looking forward to my surgery day. Beauty,” Maria also said.

Hopefully it will finally get the desired modifications. “It will be a minor change, I want to have a different shape. So they’ll be a bit bigger and also rounder than what I have now.” she previously described for eXtra.cz.

Marie Růžičková is at home at the stadium

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