Rutting as an acting spectacle: This is how deer fight

Fallow deer rutting takes place about a month later than deer. Males compete for their privileged position, defend their territory and push the antlers. “Compared to deer rut, the fallow deer is much calmer. I enjoy watching them. It’s such a small performance, “says photographer Pavel Černý. Fallow deer are very rare in the wild. They can most often be seen in the field, where their oestrus takes place a few days earlier. “They make rattling sounds, so-called chatter. Pregnancy lasts less than eight months. At the beginning of the summer, the female gives birth to the only cub, ”adds an enthusiastic nature lover.

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They wave their tails

When deer feel threatened, they wave their tails, showing the world its white bottom. When he escapes, he then runs mad. They bounce off all four limbs and bounce sharply.

They do not do much damage

Compared to other ungulates, fallow deer cause minimal damage. It does not destroy the bark of trees or bite their shoots. It feeds mainly on herbs and grass. He likes chestnuts, acorns and other fruits.

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