"Russians shoot civilians from tanks". The nuclear threat returns

Kiev, May 13, 2022 – La war in Ukraine lives his 78th day. And the tension shows no sign of abating, while she returns to hover the threat of nuclear war. The latest news come from the region of Kharkiv, where the Russian army allegedly shot civilians from a tank. This was stated on the Ukrainian Telethon by the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Kiev Yevhen Yenin who cited the Telegram channel of the Ministry of the Interior. “In one of the villages in the Kharkiv region, the police found that the Russian military, you think, opened fire on civilians from a tank,” he says. “That is why we must not talk about any moral restraint of the Russian army.” According to the deputy minister, this is the second alleged war crime case sent to a court.

A Russian tank in action (Ansa)
A Russian tank in action (Ansa)

The point

Last night Volodymir Zelensky’s interview at Porta a Porta. The Russian president has challenged Putin. “I do not think he will be able to save face. Yes to the negotiations, but without ultimatum and only if Moscow withdraws and responds to what he has done”, the words of him. “We cannot compromise on our independence” .. Back from Washington, Draghi insists on negotiation. The British foreign minister, on the other hand, is asking the G7 for more weapons for Ukraine. “Putin is humiliating himself, in Ukraine he must be defeated,” she says.

On the Italian political front, in view of the parliamentary debate of the 19th, M5s remains on the barricades. The UN opens an investigation into alleged Russian war crimes. Moscow protests: “In their desire to strangle Russia, the Western powers are ready for anything, including resurrecting Nazism.”

Yesterday the acceleration of Finland for its entry into NATO. The turning point after more than 60 years, from 1948 he was among the non-aligned. On Monday it’s up to Sweden. NATO membership is supported by the United States. The Russians threaten military countermeasures and a stop to gas in Helsinki. “Finland should realize the consequences of its actions,” says the Moscow foreign ministry. The vice president of the Security Council Medvedev, stresses that “such a conflict always has the risk of turning into one total nuclear war “.

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