"Russian roulette": "Rust"- Employee is suing Baldwin

New lawsuit against Alec Baldwin (63)! After the tragic shooting accident on the set of the western film “Rust”, the allegations pile up. A lighting technician from the set has already taken legal action against it Alec a. After cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was accidentally shot by the actor, script overseer Mamie Mitchell called 911 and asked the police for help. But the tragedy did not leave her without a trace. Now she is suing Alec and the film’s producers.

As People Now made public, there is a lawsuit in which Mamie claims that she was injured by the gunfire. She is suing for deliberate infliction of physical harm and mental suffering and is demanding compensation in an undisclosed amount. In a press conference, the “Rust” employee said tearfully: “I will never forget what happened on the set of ‘Rust’ that day.”

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Deadline gives further insight into the application. It allegedly states: “Alec Baldwin intentionally cocked and fired the loaded gun for no good reason or excuse, even though the scene to be filmed did not require cocking and firing of the gun.” The script overseer complains: “Mr. Baldwin chose to play Russian roulette with a loaded weapon without checking it and without letting the armorer do it.”

Die "Rust"-Crew am Set

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Die “Rust”-Crew am Set
Bonanza Creek Ranch, Filmkulisse
Alec Baldwin at a film festival in East Hampton, October 2021

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