Russian hacker groups come with cryptic threat before Eurovision final

It may be that Russia has been excluded from Eurovision this year – but that does not necessarily mean that the country will be without influence.

A Russian hacker group has at least threatened to try to influence the voting result.

It writes VG and The Sun..

It is quite specifically the Russian hacker group Killnet that is to be behind the threat – which, however, is in itself quite cryptic.

In a post on the communication channel Telegram, the group – known for being pro-Kremlin – shared a picture with the Eurovision logo.

Along with that, the group has shared what they claim are the results of the first semi-final, which – according to them – shows that Ukraine received significantly more votes:

“You can not vote online,” the group wrote to the photo, adding:

“Maybe our DDoS attack is to blame for everything,” followed by a devil emoji.

A spokesman for Eurovision has told The Sun that they are keeping an eye on the situation:

‘Every year, the voting system for the Eurovision Song Contest has a wide range of security measures in place to protect audience participation from outside influences. This year is no exception, “it reads.

In a follow-up message, the hacker group wrote:

‘You can say whatever you want. But there is only one truth, and that is that it does not make sense to try to influence the voices online. You will still do what you need. Your system is unprotected, “reads the message, which continues:

‘Let’s send you 10 billion queries and add votes to another country. What will you do about it? That’s why we do not attend your gay parties. It was enough to find the IP address and put it to sleep. But it is not worth the time and our attention. “

Exactly what to put in the group’s cryptic messages is not known.

It is certain, however, that Ukraine – against which Russia is waging war – has been named by the bookmakers as the big favorite to win this year’s Eurovision.

A Eurovision that Russia has been completely excluded from participating in after the country began its invasion of the neighboring country.

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