Russian gas, flow to Europe decreased by a third. Prices are flying

Rome, 12 May 2022 – The transit of Russian gas through theUkraine towards Europe it will decrease by a third compared to yesterday. Gazprom reports, according to the agency Ria Novosti. The demand for delivery is 50.6 million cubic meters against 72 the previous day.

For two days, Ukraine has been saying that it cannot pass gas through the station near Sokhranivkain the region of Luganskbecause of presence of the armed forces of Moscow. A situation that is causing a drop in supplies, for his part the Russian operator claims that he cannot increase volumes on another pipeline.

A gas pipeline (Ansa)
A gas pipeline (Ansa)

The situation in Italy

At the moment i gas flows from Russia towards Italy “they continue without interruption”, he says Snam in the note on the accounts for the first quarter. But the uncertainty and the fear of possible implications on the supply front have triggered a significant increase in gas and oil prices “, the company always says, remembering that it is not” active in the Russian market and does not hold shares, even in joint venture, in Russian companies “. Estimates more recent on the evolution of the demand for natural gas in Italy for the current year “foresee a decline compared to 2021, in particular due to the effect of the increase in energy prices in the industrial sector and due to temperatures expected to be less rigid than those registered in 2021 “,

The situation in Germany

The German Minister of Economy, Robert Habeck, said some branches of Gazprom Germany do not receive the gas due to sanctions imposed by Russia on Western entities. Last month, Germany transferred Gazprom Germany, an abandoned energy trading, storage and transmission business from Russia’s Gazprom, to its energy regulator to ensure energy security.

Gas prices are rising

Gas prices rise in Europe despite the arrival of spring temperatures and at the Dutch hub of reference, the Ttf, the contract is trading at 107 euros per megawatt hour (+ 13%). Traders continue to assess supply disruptions in Ukraine. Meanwhile, new Kremlin orders aimed at clearing up uncertainty about demand for ruble payments had calmed concerns over Russian supplies yesterday as payment deadlines loomed.

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