Russia-Ukraine war, Gomez at La7: “The negotiations will be difficult and a lot will certainly depend on Europe”

“A Putin militarily weakened it could certainly facilitate negotiations. But then there are problems: Putin will have to take something home and, as he repeated, he would like to the Donbass and the Crimea. Question: the Ukrainians, who see themselves armed by the Americans with 30 billion dollars and who think that they could militarily overturn the situation in the coming months, will they stay there? Much will certainly depend on Europe, because that country, at least to the east, has been gutted and it will take a lot of investments to put it back on its feet ”. Thus, a “Tagadà” (La7), the director of the and of FQ MillenniumPeter Gomez, explains the reasons that make the negotiating table between Russia And Ukraine.

Gomez highlights the different interests between the US and Europe: “Biden is rightly concerned that Putin does not have a way out, because the CIA he repeated several times that a desperate Putin could also decide to use tactical or low-potential nuclear weapons. Russia is an autocracy and the project we have read in all the newspapers, that is to create the conditions for a regime change in Russia, can be good or bad, but a change of regime into an autocracy often results in the fact that the autocrat’s throat is cut. And an autocrat like Putin, who knows his throat is slit, might decide to use a tactical weapon, which would cause a lot of trouble. We Europeans, on the other hand – he continues – have different interests, because a prolonged war in Europe will take us into an extraordinary economic recession. Today we read about the first factories in Italy that are starting to go to layoffs due to lack of raw materials or orders from Germany. Therefore, our interest, like that of the US, is certainly to defend democracy in Ukraine, but we must also look into our own home more than the US should. The same Mario Draghiwho speaks little, says that the goal is a ‘ceasefire’, while until now the declared goal of the US and Great Britain was the victory of Ukraine ”.

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