Russia says recent damage in Kyiv was caused ‘by Ukrainian air defense’

“No strike was carried out on kyiv. All the damage in the city reported by the kyiv regime is the consequence of the fallout of foreign and Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles, installed in residential areas of the Ukrainian capital,” said the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense. , Igor Konashenkov.

He said that the Russian army had carried out “massive strikes” the day before against “the Ukrainian military command system and the energy infrastructure linked to it”.

“The objective of the strikes has been achieved, all the targets indicated have been hit”, he continued, assuring that these bombardments had made it possible to damage “the movement by rail of the Ukrainian army reserves, foreign arms, military equipment and ammunition”.

Ukraine, including kyiv, was largely without electricity and running water on Thursday, the day after these new massive strikes by Russia specifically targeting energy infrastructure, as winter sets in.

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