Russia “loses” on all fronts but Ukraine should not hope for total victory: the opinion of the American chief of staff

US Chief of Staff General Mark Milley said on Wednesday that Russia was “losing” on all fronts in its war in Ukraine, and denounced Russian strikes that targeted the power grid across the country as a “war crime”.

Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense, and Mark Milley © ANP / EPA

“Deliberately targeting the civilian power grid, causing excessive collateral damage and unnecessary suffering to the civilian population, is a war crime,” Gen Milley told a press conference alongside Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. .

Meeting in Washington

The two officials were speaking at the end of a meeting in Washington of the contact group on Ukraine bringing together their Ukrainian counterparts and allied countries. Russia carried out massive strikes on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure across the country on Tuesday, including near the Polish border, which left millions of homes without power, according to kyiv.

Missile Rain

The top US official estimated that about “a quarter” of Ukraine’s population was without power due to this barrage of missiles, at least “about 60, maybe as many as 90 or 100”, he said speaking of the “biggest wave of missiles” fired at Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24.

“Campaign of Terror”

Citing the multiple failures of the Russians, including the recent withdrawal from the city of Kherson, the American general deplored that Moscow had decided to engage in “a campaign of terror, a campaign aimed at inflicting the maximum suffering on the Ukrainian civilian population, to break their morale. “They failed in their strategic objectives and are now failing operationally and tactically,” he continued.

A total victory? Unlikely

Despite this, General Milley expressed skepticism that Ukraine could militarily dislodge Russia from all of the territories it occupies in the country, including Crimea. “The probability of a Ukrainian military victory, expelling the Russians from all over Ukraine including…Crimea, the probability of that happening anytime soon is not very high militarily,” he said. said.

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