Rusherking and China Suárez, separated by an infidelity with María Becerra: the rumors

Ever since they whitewashed their romance, the china suarez Y rusherking They do not stop exchanging loving messages on social networks. The young couple faced criticism for the age difference that separates them and they faced them without problemsbut an infidelity crisis would have marked the end of the romance just six months from its inception.

During last week, Thomas Nicholas Tobar (better known as rusherking) traveled to Las Vegas for the delivery of the Latin Grammys, and he did it without the company of his girlfriend. However, the musician was not in bad company: María Becerra, her ex, was also present at the event.

The man from Santiago did not refer to the coincidence with his ex-partner on his social networks, but his followers noticed an important change: China Suárez and Rusherking have not exchanged ‘likes’ on Instagram for almost a week. Account gossiping was in charge of sounding the alarm: “Doesn’t anyone realize that Rusher and China don’t like each other’s photos anymore or what?”read a tweet he shared to his story.

Rumors of separation began for China Suárez and Rusherking

Doing research, gossiping He shared an incriminating message that a follower left him in his private messages: Separated Rusher and China. He was in Las Vegas, and there, in the same hotel, Becerra too. Mepa (sic) that China said ‘bye'”can be read in the capture that the gossip account shared.

Even worse, the followers of gossiping They assured that the couple stopped interacting normally on social networks. 5 days ago they liked each other. Her last (post) is not liked by him, but his last is. I speak of China”wrote netizens. “And yes, when so much like and loving messages stop, all the alarms go off”said Gossiping. Is love over?

The inactivity of the lovers put their followers on alert

Nor is it the case that celebrities are inactive on social networks: the china suarez was firm in his Instagram stories defending the chapu martinez of the threats that the influencer and his family received from the fans of the national team, even talking to him through private messages. rusherkingfor his part, joined the “Big Brother” novel with an unexpected post.

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