RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 3: Who has the most chances of winning the show? Our predictions

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Great news ! RuPaul’s Drag Race France has been officially confirmed and we have given you all the information you need to know. The American program was also exported to England for a third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK broadcast by the BBC. Since September 23, 2021, the challenges, parades, lip sync and performances, each more burlesque than the next. The objective of these tests? Determine who will be the big winner of this now CULTISSIME contest! The semi-final of the iconic drag queens competition took place this Thursday, November 18, and it was Vanity Milan that RuPaul asked to “Sachay away”… Yes, it is the latter who had to leave the adventure and who suddenly missed the opportunity to win the title of best drag queen. Three candidates are therefore still in competition: Krystal Versace, Kitty Scott Claus and Ella Vaday. We have therefore arrived at the crucial stage of the adventure, the famous Final Three ! The final is imminent: it is scheduled for this Thursday, November 25. For the occasion, the editorial of melty gives you our opinion on each of them. And as a gift, we offer you a photo of their best outfit of the season! Let’s go !

Krystal Versace

Performed by Luke Fenn, Krystal Versace is the youngest of the program. From the top of his 19 years, he describes his drag as “sex on legs” ! Very sulphurous, Krystal really plays the bimbo card. Yet despite his hyper sexualized image, it turns out that in the November 4 episode Luke confessed to being a virgin. This admission took place during a discussion which, as often happens on the show, evokes social issues. As a good fashion queen, she has an unparalleled sense of aesthetics and proportions. But there is still a small downside … If this beauty queen excels in fashion, can we really say the same about the rest? Even if seeing beautiful parades is probably what impresses the public the most, fashion queens tend to meet stereotypical criteria and sometimes fail to surprise us … Moreover, his competitor Ella Vaday underlined in the Last episode ! So, will she step out of her comfort zone for the grand finale? Answer Thursday!

Kitty Scott Claus

Kitty Scott Claus, played by Louie Westwood is a show all by itself! Fun, sympathetic and charismatic, she has a very keen sense of humor. Also very fairplay, she does not hesitate to comment on the photos of her competitors with kindness. This queen who undeniably has a personality that we notice and that imposes itself, is defined as “Busty, Blonde, Bubbly” (busty, blonde and bubbly). So far, Kitty Scott Claus has proven to be a formidable competitor as she has won two maxi challenges. She was also never part of the “bottom” that is to say that she has never performed poorly, and that she has never been one of those who risked being eliminated from the race. If she brings a breath of fresh air to the show, will she be able to beat the competitor who turns out to be the most formidable of the season?

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Ella Vaday

Nicholas Collier is an actor, singer and dancer and it shows through his drag Ella Vaday, who is undoubtedly THE competitor to be wary of. A queen who has experience, undeniable ease and relentless self-confidence. This show girl is the model student of the season because she ticks all the boxes for the perfect drag queen. Eh yes ! The latter masters all aspects of this theatrical world. She is also the big winner of the cult maxi challenge of the show: the famous snatch game in which she played cook and presenter Nigella Lawson brilliantly! She is in the lead with 4 maxi challenges won and just like her competitor Kitty, she has never been part of the bottom. Despite all these assets, can we be sure that it is the latter who will win the adventure against competitors of sizes? The wind can always turn!

Our verdict

If we were to rely on the current state of affairs, we would naturally think that Ella Vaday will undoubtedly be the winner of this season, especially since she is very supported by Internet users. Under a post from the show’s Instagram account, we can see that a majority of Internet users say they belong to Team Ella Vaday. She is also the most followed queen on social networks among the three semi-finalists. But as we have seen in particular with the last season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, we are never at the end of our surprises. The winner is not always the one you expect the most. So as long as the season is not over, anything is possible and that’s what we love about this show! Also, in the rest of the TV news, know that District Z is making its comeback for a season 2 on TF1 and all the information has been revealed.

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