Run BTS is the most anticipated song of Proof, why is it?

There is less and less time left for the return of Bangtan Sonyeondan and the idea of ​​having three new songs has completely excited ARMY. The first new song revealed was ‘Yet to Come’, now the second new song ‘Run BTS’ generated great expectation among fans, mainly Jungkook’s followers.

bts will return the June 10th with his new album ‘proof‘. A comeback compilation of his entire career that will feature three new songs. So far, only the title of two of them has been revealed: Yet to Come and Run BTSthe latter being one of the most anticipated thanks to Jungkook.

BTS continues to prepare for their long-awaited return with the anthology album Proof. // Source: Twitter @bts_bighit

The return of BTS has generated great expectation among his followers. All ARMY can’t wait to hear the new music that the group is about to release. Although it won’t be a full album of new music, the announcement of the three new songs has the fandom quite excited.

Each of the members of BTS have shown their talent in producing and songwriting. And they have been deeply involved with the creations for each of their albums. For that reason, the announcement of Run BTS made the entire fandom proud.

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Jeon Jungkook composed Run BTS for Proof, one of the group’s new songs

After the announcement of the tracklist for the second album that will be included in BTS’s Proof, one of the titles caught the attention of ARMY, who soon realized that it is not just a new song, but a song composed by Jungkook.

Run BTS it will be a single compound for Jungkook and the rap line of BTS (Suga, RM and J-Hope). This song will be the first of Proof’s second album, which will include a total of 16 songs, including hits like Stay, Her and Euphoria.

Jungkook from BTS on Instagram. // Source: Instagram @jungkook.97

This would not be Jungkook’s first composition, the idol has fallen in love with his fans with songs like Love is not Over and Magic Shop. Similarly, Still With You has obtained multiple achievements from SoundCloud, the platform where it was shared. The most recent achievement was becoming the longest-running song by a K-Pop artist on the SoundCloud Top 100.

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Run BTS became a trend on social networks thanks to ARMY

It didn’t take long for Run BTS would turn trend in social networks, positioning itself in the second position of worldwide trends in Twitter, followed by the hashtag of the second tracklist of Proof that positioned itself in the third position.

Without a doubt, Run BTS is highly anticipated by fans, who can’t wait to hear Jungkook’s new creation along with BTS’s rap line, sure that they will be completely fascinated by this new song. How do you think Run BTS is going to sound? Will it be your new favorite song?

In other news, BTS will not be attending the 2022 Billboard Music Awards despite their slew of nominations, did you hear?

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