Rulli still has to get used to Ajax: ‘I’ve only been here for one week’

Gerónimo Rulli looks back with mixed feelings on his first week as Ajax goalkeeper. The goalie has already kept his goal clean twice, although he knows that he still has to get used to his new teammates and that there is work to be done towards Sunday’s game against Feyenoord.

The Argentinian goalkeeper is happy that he managed to keep a clean sheet against FC Twente – just like against FC Den Bosch. He does indicate that he is still getting used to his new teammates. “It was new for me to be on the field with these players. For example, I had never played with Jurriën Timber before. I still have to get to know my teammates and their way of playing. I’ve only been here one week,” he is quoted by it General Journal.

Rulli hasn’t had much time to get to know Amsterdam yet, because Ajax had two matches in the past week. During the training sessions the keeper works hard and on the training field he was impressed by two Ajax players. ‘There are very good young players here: Chico (Conceição) and (Jurriën) Timber.’

Words of praise from Martínez and Tagliafico

When Rulli heard about Ajax’s interest, he spoke to former Ajax players Lisandro Martínez and Nicolás Tagliafico. ‘They were very enthusiastic. About the club, about the people, about the fans. Only about the weather they were not very positive. Last week I walked in Spain in a t-shirt. That’s different here.’

For now, Ajax will focus on next Sunday. Opponent Feyenoord is the leader and has a five-point lead over Ajax. The assignment for the away game in Rotterdam is therefore clear. “I know the rivalry between the two clubs. This match is very important for the supporters and for us. Feyenoord is currently the leader and we have to win there.’

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