Rui Alves, from “Big Brother”, doesn’t mince words: “Cristina Ferreira thinks she can maneuver everyone”

Last Sunday, June 5th, the “Big Brother-Final Challenge” ended on TVI. One of the guests of the night was Nininho Vaz Maia, who, in addition to acting, was also talking to Cristina Ferreira.

It was then that, at a certain point, the presenter admitted that the artist was invited to join “Big Brother Famosos” but that he refused: “You don’t want to participate, do you? He was invited but he didn’t want to”said the presenter.

Rui Alves was confronted with news about the “deny” given by Nininho Vaz Maia and decided to speak out: “Now you’ve said it all. Cristina Ferreira thinks she can handle all the mannequins she wants, but she is very wrong not everyone gets carried away by her. supported”began by writing the former “Big Brother 2020” contestant in the caption of the post he made.

And finally reinforced: “Whoever tells the truth does not deserve punishment. Cristina Ferreira was the one who needed to go to Big Brother”.

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