Rudy Giuliani, ex-lawyer of Donald Trump, will not be prosecuted for his activities in Ukraine

Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, will not be charged for his lobbying activities in Ukraine, at the heart of the former president’s first impeachment trial, prosecutors announced on Monday. He remains under investigation in connection with another case.

In April 2021, the former New York mayor’s apartment was subject to a high-profile search and “electronic devices” were seized as part of an investigation into his activities in Ukraine.

“The government wishes to notify the court that the grand jury investigation leading to this search is complete and that, based on the information gathered, no criminal prosecution is planned,” the federal prosecutor wrote on Monday. Rudy Giuliani’s business in Ukraine came to light in the fall of 2019 when the House of Representatives impeached the Republican president for “abuse of power”.

An investigation is underway in Georgia

The elected officials accused Donald Trump of having conditioned military aid to Ukraine on the delivery of compromising information on the son of his Democratic rival Joe Biden. Rudy Giuliani had appeared as a centerpiece of the pressure exerted on kyiv.

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Donald Trump was finally acquitted by the Senate and Rudy Giuliani remained his personal lawyer. In 2020, he had been at the maneuver during the billionaire’s crusade against the result of the presidential election, but he had failed to convince the courts of the existence of massive “electoral fraud”.

Rudy Giuliani remains the subject of an investigation in the state of Georgia on the pressure exerted in this context on local electoral agents.

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