Rudi Garcia lackey of Cristiano Ronaldo, Juninho lets go

As crazy as it may seem, Rudi Garcia is the new coach of Cristiano Ronaldo, the latest recruit from the Saudi club Al-Nassr.

No one could have imagined such a scenario one day and yet it is reality: Rudi Garcia is the coach of Cristiano Ronaldo. A few days ago, the two men were seated next to a press conference on the occasion of the presentation of CR7 to the Saudi media. Free since this winter after the termination of his contract with Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo chose Al-Nassr, who offered him a salary never before seen in the history of football: two years of contract and 200 million euros… season. But for a man, it is particularly painful to see a champion of the caliber of Cristiano Ronaldo under the leadership of Rudi Garcia. This is Juninho, who defined as “terrible” his experience with the French coach during their collaboration with Olympique Lyonnais. Questioned by MaisFutebol, the former OL leader once again paid Rudi Garcia.

Junihno knocks out Rudi Garcia like never before

“He only respects people who have power or who he can take advantage of. Now, as far as CR7 is concerned, he won’t dare to do anything that bothers him, on the contrary, he would even go and serve him breakfast if necessary. He will try to be friends with Cristiano, to be intimate and he will do anything for that. launched Juninho about Rudi Garcia before continuing, still as offensive. “For him, the success of the team matters little, the harmony of the locker room. It is important that he is the center of attention, even if it is in crisis. But like all very cold human beings, he recognizes those who are taller than him and tries to take advantage of them. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest in football history, a legend, and Rudi knows it. What he likes the most are press conferences. On conference days he looked like a child, he arrived very happy and at the end he asked me if I had seen the conference. He needs that, to be the center of attention.” explained Juninho, more offensive than ever against Rudi Garcia, with whom he will definitely not go on vacation. The collaboration between the two men at OL has left some serious traces that are obviously not ready to go away.

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