RTVE PLAY: how it works and where the platform is available


The Spanish signal RTVE has its own platform to enjoy content through streaming. It can be seen both in the European country and in the rest of the world.

Did you know this service?
© RTVEDid you know this service?

Like most of the world’s signs, the Spanish Radio and Television Corporationknown by its acronym RTVEalso launched into the world of streaming with its own platform. Is about RTVE Play, which is used to see both content made through television and through the radio. Unlike other Spanish platforms such as filminits market is not reduced to being seen only in Spain.

RTVE Play allows you to watch all kinds of series, movies, documentaries and programs broadcast on TVE or on the radio stations that are part of this group, as well as giving the possibility of listening to music. In addition, after the launch of the platform, it began to produce its own fiction and original content exclusively to be able to watch directly from the streaming.

It is worth noting that, despite having access in all parts of the world, this does not mean that 100% of the catalog is accessible everywhere. how does it Netflix, some productions only have distribution rights for certain territories, so you may come across series or movies that you cannot play. In addition, there are productions that only have a contract to be distributed through radio or television and not online.

downton abbey either The Artic are some productions that are not original RTVE and yet they have the distribution rights. For example, to see downton abbey You will have to hurry up since the platform announced that it will not be available from October 10. It is also good for watching live sports, such as football matches. the Spanish league or the matches played by the national team, among several other things.

+What is RTVE Play+

Yes ok RTVE It is free, it also has a streaming service with a greater number of titles that can be accessed both in Spanish territory and in the rest of the world. Is about RTVE Play+, which can be contracted by paying the sum of 4.99 dollars per month and which allows three simultaneous reproductions. In addition, it offers a 7-day trial period and the possibility to cancel the agreement at any time.

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