RTO Indore News There will also be a system of permanent license online applicants will be able to take out the print of the license

Naveen Yadav. Indore, RTO Indore NewsAfter the system of online learning license is running properly, now the system of permanent license will also be made online. However, the applicant will have to go to the RTO office for photograph and trial. The biggest advantage of this system will be that the applicant will not have to wait for the license card and he will also be able to take the print of the permanent license on the lines of the learning license.

According to the information, a training program was held two days ago to inform about this arrangement. Officers of Indore RTO office also participated in this. Soon this new system will be implemented. RTO Jitendra Singh Raghuvanshi told that the system of permanent license is also being made online. Our employees have got training for this. It will be implemented as soon as the order comes from the headquarters.

This will happen in the new system

The applicant will be able to process the application from home itself. Babu will verify the photo and documents in the RTO. After that there will be a trial. After passing his license will be printed. There will be two options here. The plastic card and paper print will be able to be removed by the applicant himself. Till now this facility was not available to him.

Officers can also cancel the application

According to the information, such applicants who have got the online learning license made, they will have to submit the same documents. At the time of applying for a pucca license, its record will also be visible. If it is changed, Babu will reject this application. However, the reason for this will also have to be mentioned in it.

Those below 18 years will have to bring the consent letter of the guardian

Officials said that such minors who are allowed to drive without gear as per the rules, they will now have to attach a consent letter from the parent or guardian along with their application. Along with this, the documents will also have to be verified while coming to the RTO office.

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