RTL fires jungle camper: She is not a star – and already out

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RTL fires jungle camper
She is not a star – and already out

This year’s jungle camp has not even opened its gates, and the first candidate is no longer part of the game: Christin Okpara. The reason is “discrepancies with the vaccination status” of the reality asterisk. But a replacement has already been found.

“I’m a star – get me out of here!” Is the official title of the jungle camp. And the goal of all celebrities who take part in the format should be, if possible, not to say this sentence under any circumstances during the show. The fact that a candidate is taken out before the show has even started is a real curiosity.

Originally, Jasmin Herren was only a substitute candidate – now she goes straight to the camp.

(Photo: ETL)

This is what happened to Christin Okpara, who was originally supposed to be one of the twelve participants this year. As RTL announced, the 25-year-old will not move into the camp.

“There were disagreements about Christin Okpara’s vaccination status, which could not be resolved in the short time. These disagreements are sufficient for us to take immediate action: For this reason, she will not take part in the jungle camp in 2022,” said RTL – Head of entertainment Markus Küttner with.

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Jasmin Herren moves up

But a replacement has already been found: Jasmin Herren. The widow of the actor and Ballermann singer Willi Herren, who died in April 2021, had already traveled to South Africa as a possible substitute candidate. Now the 43-year-old will be part of the show from the start.

Okpara would have had the potential to shake up the show this year. When she took part in the RTL + dome show “Are You The One?” At the beginning of 2021, she was already offensive with her explosive nature. For the jungle camp, she had announced herself accordingly: “Watch out, now comes the breakaway Chrissi!”

“I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” starts on January 21st at 9.30 p.m. on RTL. Because of the corona pandemic, the show will not take place in Australia for the first time, but in South Africa. However, strict security precautions have been taken to protect against the virus.

The final of the show will take place on February 5th. On February 6th there will be a “big reunion” of the participants. The show is also available on RTL +.

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