Rsf: “Ukrainian journalist Maks Levin was executed in cold blood by the Russians. Overwhelming evidence against Moscow “

They interrogated them, perhaps even tortured them, and then executed in cold blood. This is one of the many war crimes committed by the Russians, but this time it was not the civilian population of Irpin or Bucha who paid the price, but a Ukrainian soldier and also a journalist. This is what we read in the latest report published by Reporters Without Borders As the Ukrainian journalist Maks Levin was executed by the forces Russian published after the dispatch of two investigators from the independent organization that monitors violations of the right to freedom of the press around the world.

Their death had been documented a few weeks after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine ordered by Vladimir Putin, but to clarify the dynamics that caused it were the discovery and analyzes carried out on the corpses of the two victims who, claims the organization, “they concluded that Levin and Chernyshov were executed in cold blood. The evidence against the Russian forces is overwhelming ”.

Investigators were sent to the warring country to gather evidence from May 24 to June 3. “The analysis of the photos of the crime scene, the observations made on the spot and the material evidence recovered clearly indicate an execution that could have been preceded by interrogations or even acts of torture – reads the RSF report – In the context of a war heavily marked by Kremlin propaganda and censorship, Maks Levin and his friend paid for their battle for reliable information with their lives. We owe him the truth. And we will fight to identify and find those who executed them ”, said Christophe Deloire, secretary general of the NGO.

Levin was born on 7 July 1981 in the Kiev region, he had collaborated with a large number of international newspapers including Reuters, Ap and Bbc. A photojournalist and documentary maker, most of his projects were dedicated to the war in Ukraine. But many of his activities were also for humanitarian purposes, linked to international organizations such as WHO, Unicef ​​and OSCE. He was married and had four young children.


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