RRB Group D Exam General Knowledge Practice Set 52: Must read these GK questions asked in Group D exams

RRB Group D Exam General Knowledge Practice Set 52 : by railway RRB Group D The exam date has been announced. These examinations will start from 23 February 2022. In such a situation, for all the competitive students who are preparing for Railway Group D, we have brought a collection of General Knowledge questions asked by Group D in previous years with answers. So, before appearing in the exam, you must study these questions.

This practice set of RRB Group D consists of 25 important General Knowledge questions which have played a major role in previous years examinations, studying these questions will help the aspirant to score good marks in the examination. .

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RRB Group D Exam General Knowledge Practice Set 52

RRB Group D Exam General Knowledge Practice Set 52

Question. Who among the following was made the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Bengal during the Company’s rule?

  • Eliza Impey
  • lapester
  • Hyde
  • barelast

Answer: 2

Question. is aerosol

  • gas to gas solution
  • gas to liquid solution
  • solution of a liquid or a solid in a gas
  • none of these

Answer : 3

Question. Which of the following is incorrectly matched?

  • Namdev – Maharashtra
  • Narsingh Mehta- Gujarat
  • Chaitanya – Bengal
  • Vallabhacharya – Gujarat

Answer : 4

Question. Who were the two Mughal rulers who wrote their own biography?

  • Babur and Humayun
  • Humayun and Aurangzeb
  • Akbar and Shah Jahan
  • Babur and Jahangir

Answer : 4

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Question. Which of the following rulers was a great supporter of Mahayana Buddhism?

  • gondophrenes
  • sushruta
  • Charak
  • Kanishk

Answer : 4

Question. Which of the following later Mughal emperors had the surname ‘Rangeela’?

  • Shah Alam II
  • Ahmed Shah
  • Muhammad Shah
  • Jahandar Shah

Answer : 3
Question. In 3g zinc, the number of moles is …….

Answer : 3

Question. Which of the following grass is called elephant grass?

  • prairie
  • Savannah
  • steppe
  • lenose

Answer : 3

To which art style do the earliest images of the human form of Buddha belong?

  • Gandhara
  • sail
  • Mathura
  • Secret

Answer : 3

Question. The SAF (SAF South Asian Organisation) Games were held for the first time this year under the SAARC programme.

  • 1964 AD.
  • 1974 AD.
  • 1984 AD
  • 1994 AD.

Answer : 4

Question. Which of the following is an amphoteric oxide?

  • aluminum oxide
  • iron oxide
  • magnesium oxide
  • carbon oxide

Answer 1

Question. What is the chemical name of tear gas?

  • bazophenone
  • alpha chloroacetophenone
  • Bromoacetophenone
  • acetophenone

Answer: 2

Question. Which Article of the Indian Constitution empowers the Parliament to create a new state by changing the boundaries of existing states?

  • Article 1
  • Article 2
  • Article 3
  • Article 4

Answer : 3

Question. Started the Bhakti movement from South India to North India

  • Ramanand
  • Shankaracharya
  • Kabir
  • Swami Vivekanand

Answer 1

Question. To which sect did Chaitanya Mahaprabhu belong?

  • Sri Sampradaya
  • Warkari sect
  • Gaudiya sect
  • none of these

Answer : 3

Question. How many players are there in each team in hockey?

Answer : 3

Question. Who founded the philosophy of Pushtimarg?

  • Chaitanya has
  • Nanak has
  • Surdas has
  • Vallabhacharya has

Answer : 4

Question. Who founded Ashtachap?

  • Acharya Vitthal Nath
  • Guru Nanak
  • surdas
  • krishnadas

Answer 1

Question. Who was the head of the military department recognized by the central machinery during the reign of Akbar?

  • Minister
  • mir bakshi
  • Bakshi
  • mir saman

Answer: 2

Question. Kotwal was-

  • Accountant
  • Tehsildar
  • Advisor
  • Protector

Answer : 4

Question. In whose time the famous Sanchi pillar was built?

  • Harshavardhana
  • Bindusara
  • Kanishk
  • Ashoka

Answer : 4

Question. Who was the founder of slave dynasty in India?

  • Qutubuddin Aibak
  • Iltutmish
  • Kaikuism
  • bahman shah

Answer 1

Question. During whose reign were the Khajuraho temples built?

  • Pallava
  • Kushan
  • Chandel
  • Chola

Answer : 3

Question. The famous Khajuraho caves are located in-

  • in Madhya Pradesh
  • in Maharashtra
  • In Rajasthan
  • in chhattisgarh

Answer 1

Question. When did the first battle of Tarain take place?

  • In 1911 AD
  • in 1192 AD
  • in 1191 AD
  • in 1203 AD

Answer : ??

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