RRB Group D Exam 2022: Study these important questions from General Science

RRB Group D General Science Practice Set – 19 : RRB Group D The exam date has been announced, this exam will start from 23rd February 2022, in such a situation, for all the competitive students who are preparing for Railway Group D, we have been asked in previous years through Railway Group D Practice Set. We have come up with a collection of General Science questions with answers, so candidates must study these questions before appearing in the exam.

This practice set of RRB Group D covers 25 important General Science questions, which have played a major role in the previous years examinations, so studying these questions will help the aspirant to score good marks in the examination. Will get

RRB Group D Science Practice Set 19

RRB Group D General Science Practice Set – 19 (Collection of 25 Important Questions)

Question. Which acid is used in photography?

  • formic acid
  • oxalic acid
  • citric acid
  • acetic acid

Answer: 2

Question. The ink used in printing is obtained from the decomposition of which of the following?

  • acetylene
  • methane
  • carbon tetrachloride
  • Benzene

Answer: 2

Question. In a house one of the two bulbs is brighter than the other, which of the two bulbs has the higher resistor?

  • in a dim light bulb
  • high light bulbs
  • The impedances in both the bulbs are equal.
  • The intensity of light does not depend on the resistor

Answer 1

Question. Is there a mobile charger?

  • an inverter
  • a UPS
  • a high-voltage transformer
  • a step-up transformer

Answer : 4

Question. What is a nuclear reactor?

  • nuclear power building site
  • U238 emitter
  • atomic furnace
  • heavy water pond

Answer : 3

Question. Nobel Prize awarded for the identification of bee language

  • H. G. Khurana
  • Of. V. Frisch
  • Julian Huxley
  • Dorothy Hodgkins

Answer: 2

Question. What is the shape of the sulfur hexafluoride molecule?

  • Triangular pyramid
  • Octahedron
  • planar
  • tetrahedral

Answer: 2

Question. Liver fluke lives in bile duct

  • of horse
  • cow’s
  • of man
  • of sheep

Answer : 4

Question. use an auxanometer

  • measuring the rate of photosynthesis
  • measuring growth rate
  • to measure the rate of attraction
  • measuring the rate of energy loss

Answer: 2

Question. The sensor method of dispersing seeds is found in

  • in peas
  • in cotton
  • in the poppy
  • in maize

Answer : 3

Question. Which vegetable oil is suitable for heart patients?

  • sunflower oil
  • peanuts
  • Mustard oil
  • Soya Bean Oil

Answer 1

Question. How much of the following is present in the form of electrolytes in a dry cell?

  • Ammonia Chloride and Zinc Chloride
  • sodium chloride and calcium chloride
  • Magnesium Chloride and Zinc Chloride
  • ammonium chloride and calcium chloride

Answer 1

Question. Till now which of the following chemicals is used to make artificial clouds?

  • potassium nitrate
  • heavy water
  • silver iodide
  • silver iodide

Answer : 4

Question. The most common fertilizer for foliar spraying is

  • sodium nitrate
  • ammonium chloride o
  • urea
  • D. A. P.

Answer : 3

Question. The gas used in discharge ducts for lighting decoration and advertising is

  • Carbon dioxide
  • ammonia
  • sulphur dioxide
  • neon

Answer : 4

Question. When a mirror is rotated through an angle, the rotation of the reflected ray will be

Answer : 4

Question. Concentration in the eye

  • by change in the convexity of the lens
  • back and forth motion of the lens
  • back and forth motion of the retina
  • by change in the refractive index of the eye fluid

Answer 1

Question. What controls the air conditioner in the room?

  • temperature only
  • Humidity and temperature only
  • pressure and temperature only
  • Humidity, pressure and temperature

Answer: 2

Question. On a particular day and time the temperature was 48°C in Churu and 24°C in Shimla. Water in two cups of the same metal in all forms, kept at 95°C in Churu and 71°C in Shimla. Which of the two cups reached room temperature first?

  • cup kept in churu
  • cup kept in shimla
  • Both cups reached room temperature at the same time.
  • The data is not sufficient to get the result.

Answer : 3

Question. In which medium the speed of sound will be maximum at a temperature of about 20°C?

  • air
  • granite
  • Water
  • iron

Answer : 4

Question. The most recent ancestor of modern man is

  • great man
  • cro magnon
  • neanderthal man
  • peking man

Answer: 2

Question. Nilgai comes in which of the following family?

  • Cow
  • She goat
  • sheep
  • Deer

Answer : 4

Question. Which of the following is a fruit?

  • Potato
  • ladyfinger
  • Radish
  • Sweet potato

Answer: 2

Question. Apples have special importance for heart patients as they are a great source of

  • of sodium and potassium
  • of phosphorus and magnesium
  • of potassium and phosphorus
  • only for potassium

Answer : ?

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