Royals: New abuse scandal overshadows the royal family

And again a scandal burdens the Danish royal family: ex-employees accuse Jens-Peter Skov, who was responsible for Prince Frederik’s and Princess Mary’s wedding dinner, of sexual harassment. The court reacts promptly and fires him.

The Danish royals around Prince Frederik, 54, and Princess Mary, 50, are currently not getting out of the negative headlines: after the Herlufsholm abuse scandal, which has so far been open, an elite boarding school that her son Prince Christian, 16, is currently attending , the royal family has now had to end its collaboration with its longtime chef Jens-Peter Skov, 64.

The reason: Skov is accused of alleged sexual harassment and psychological harassment by more than a dozen former employees. The Danish newspaper “Ekstra Bladet” published the scandal on June 19, 2022. The Danish court was now forced to react quickly.

Danish royals fire royal chef Jens-Peter Skov after allegations of abuse

According to Ekstra Bladet, the farm has been a regular at the three-star hotel restaurant Sallingsund Færgekro, which is owned by Jens-Peter Skov, for generations. The chef was also responsible for the food at the crown prince couple’s wedding in 2004. Since 1995 he has been responsible for the catering of a large number of royal events. That’s over now.

“The collaboration with Sallingsund Færgekro has ended,” the palace said in a statement to Ekstra Bladet on June 21, 2022. The royal family had no knowledge of the allegations that had become known.

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17 ex-employees blame Skov

There are allegations of sexual harassment that date back to 1996. Claims range from unsolicited kisses and hugs to slapping, among other things. If anyone had resisted, psychological harassment would have followed.

“Ekstra Bladet” had contacted a total of 23 former employees, managers, waiters and chefs who worked at Sallingsund Færgekro restaurant between 1996 and 2021. Seventeen of them consistently said they had experienced or witnessed alleged sexual harassment and other abusive behavior by the famous restaurateur. For a long time, most people would not have dared to tell their stories because they feared reprisals.

The royal chef does not remember the incidents

Jens-Peter Skov himself did not recall the specific incidents in an interview with “Ekstra Bladet”, but did not deny them either, but attributed them primarily to the general culture in the inn: “In a house like ours there is a certain tone, which is not unpleasant, and I deeply regret if anyone thinks that was the case,” said the chef, who also thought the former employees should take some responsibility for it.

Jens-Peter Skov only escaped prosecution in November 2021, adds the newspaper “Nordjyske”. The chef was not charged after he allegedly molested a 14-year-old in a toilet cubicle at Nykøbing bus station in September of the same year.

Herlufsholm abuse scandal is making waves

It is another scandal that overshadows the Danish royal family. In the past few weeks, the crown prince couple has been forced to make public statements about the abuse scandal surrounding the Herlufsholm boarding school. In a TV documentary on May 5, 50 former students described scenes of systematic violence and sexual abuse.

Prince Christian has been attending the elite school since 2021. Princess Isabella, 15, is also due to move to Herlufsholm in the fall. In a public statement, Prince Frederik and Princess Mary recently made their conflict public. The public pressure that has been on the couple for weeks would have given them food for thought. On the one hand, Christian likes to go to school, on the other hand, the allegations are worrying. The couple will not turn away from the boarding school for the time being, but will wait for the study that has been initiated and the effects until they make a final decision.

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