Royal Family shows the Queen’s tombstone for the first time († 96)

This is where Queen Elizabeth II (✝96) finds her last resting place. On September 8th, the British monarch passed away peacefully at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The UK then fell into great mourning and a number of ceremonies were held in Her Majesty’s honour. On Monday she was in the King George VI. Memorial Chapel in Winsdor together with her beloved husband Prince Philip (✝99). Now the first picture of the tomb has been released.

On the official InstagramThe said photo was shared on the royal family’s account. On it, supporters can see the black tombstone embedded in the floor of the royal burial chamber, surrounded by a number of funeral wreaths. Engraved on the inscription are the names of the Queen and Prince Philip, as well as those of the former monarch’s parents: George VI. and Elizabeth. Also featured on the stone is a metal crest representing the Order of Garter to which all four belonged.

This order is the highest order of chivalry in the British honor system and the history dates back to the Middle Ages. The supporters include the monarchs on the one hand, but other high-ranking personalities such as prime ministers or military chiefs can also count themselves among them. Today this is the most exclusive and prestigious order in Europe.

The Queen’s coffin

Instagram / theroyalfamily

The tomb of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Instagram / theroyalfamily

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee, 2022

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