Rothen and Evra make peace after their clash, he doesn’t forget!

Jérôme Rothen and Patrice Evra were reconciled with great fanfare this Thursday on RMC. But the consultant does not forget everything either.

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Murderous sentences, mockery, threats to pull out the files, insults, Jérôme Rothen and Patrice Evra have not spared themselves in recent years. Between the one who became a consultant on RMC and his former teammate who is also getting closer to the microphones, the war was total on several subjects. It even ended in court, Rothen having attacked Evra for insulting remarks by the former Mancunian, who had called the host of RMC “ child with a holed condom “And had promised to” to put a pie in the mouth “ of his former teammate. If the trial did not result in any damage, things had remained there, with since a few tackles on social networks, in particular a Patrice Evra always so provocative.

There is something heavy in the book of Evra

But obviously, the release of the autobiographical book “I Love This Game” gave a good reason to the two former teammates of AS Monaco to patch things up. Thus, Patrice Evra was invited to Jérôme Rothen’s program on RMC to talk about his book, and there was no pie in the face. The former PSG player had already passed the ointment before the show, and everything went well on the air. ” We have come a long way, because in recent months and years, we were the opposite and we no longer spoke. We come from afar to restore complicity, good humor and rooming, which also represents us. That’s why we were very close in a locker room. This is what I want to highlight on the air. We do not forget what happened, because it exists and it has existed. But we have to put that aside a bit, and not erase everything that has gone well in our career. Especially since he is promoting his book, that’s the point too. Why this book and at that time, because there is still something heavy in this book ”, delivered a Jérôme Rothen who is keen to put aside the differences of the last few months to highlight the promotional tour of Uncle Pat.

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