Roskilde Festival books Russian band: ‘We do not think that all Russians are generally in bad standing’

Roskilde Festival on Wednesday unveiled this year’s final program, and considering the war in Ukraine, one of the new bands stands out.

The festival has put the Russian band Moscow Death Brigade on the program.

As the band name suggests, they come from Moscow, and it already attracted attention last month that they will play at Christiania later this summer in light of Russia’s current invasion

Here, venue manager Frederik Buur Rosbach pointed out to Berlingskethat Moscow Death Brigade distances itself from Putin’s regime and the war, and now Roskilde Festival’s music director Anders Wahren tells BT that they do not see any problems in booking the band.

“It is clear that we have made our considerations, but it is not because it requires a long background check to see where they stand in relation to the war, and that they generally through their music express themselves strongly against oppression. , sexism and fascism. “

He adds:

“Obviously, we can agree on Russia’s policy and Putin’s regime not to back it up – but we also think that there will be a time after the war, and it is of no use that we have already pulled it all out. black and white up so people can not find each other again on the other side. Here, art and culture play an important role. In addition, we do not believe that all Russians are generally in bad standing. There must also be room for the Russians who have not felt that it is their war. “

Anders Wahren says that, among other things, the band was very concerned that their friends and family in Ukraine were ok before they could decide whether to go out and play concerts.

Moscow Death Brigade always appears behind masks.

Moscow Death Brigade always appears behind masks.

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In addition, the Moscow Death Brigade should have already played at the canceled festival in 2020.

“It is important to say that we have booked them first and foremost, because we think that they have something to offer musically and artistically. And they still have. That they also have some attitudes that are expressed through the music, that’s cool. There are many of those we book who have. “

In February, Minister of Culture Ane Halsboe called on all state cultural institutions to immediately suspend all cooperation with official Russia.

Anders Wahren emphasizes that they have of course made their considerations, but adds that they do not use state money in addition.

The Moscow Death Brigade has since February expressed on their social media that they condemn the war and has recently raised money for an organization that supports Ukrainian refugees.

The band plays 02:30 on Saturday 2 July at this year’s Roskilde Festival.

“We are attentive and naturally make thorough considerations, but we are also free to act as we think is right. It is clear that we must be able to stand on target for what we do, and I think we can do the same with this booking. “

He is also not afraid that the booking of the Moscow Death Brigade will be able to provoke people.

»We often provoke people with the bookings we make. I really do not think there is anything in this that can be confused with support for Russia’s war or Putin’s. So that way I’m not nervous. It may be that at first glance it will offend or surprise someone, but I’m also sure that anyone who takes the time to look a little deeper into it will be able to understand our motives and see that it does not is a band to be provoked by. “

Roskilde Festival also has two Ukrainian bands on the program, which they are very happy to present to the audience.

“We are proud to have Alyona Alyona and Dakhabrakha in this year’s program, which has two very different artistic expressions, but which is some of the best from Ukraine, which we are insanely happy to have this year. In addition, we have a collaboration with the Ukrainian Youth House, which is also represented. “

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