Rosemund Pike, star of the excellent epic saga "The wheel of time"


What a great actress she is Rosemund Pike. In recent years she has provided evidence of being a versatile, forceful performer and the “hook” to see any movie or series where she works.

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In this case, there are also other compelling reasons. “The wheel of time” is a new epic fantasy saga, adaptation of the literary work written by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. The story unfolds under the social and cultural system of the seventeenth century, but with magic. Does it ring a bell? Yes, for many this ambitious Amazon Prime Video production is the natural replacement for the arch-successful “Game of thrones”.

Merits are not lacking. The first 3 episodes available so far on the platform (premieres every Friday) show an unusual technical display, reminiscent of “The Lord of the rings” and not only for its great visual impact. The mystique of a world dominated by magic, dark and good forces that eternally clash, mysterious characters, castes, distant peoples … the cocktail is captivating.

Good and Evil, the eternal struggle in “The Wheel of Time”

Pike -who is also a producer of the series- embodies Moiraine Damodred, a member of the Aes Sedai clan, a powerful group of women who have the ability to contact the One Power, something obtained from the True Source, which turns the vital Wheel of Time.

After many years of relative tranquility in a world that was destroyed by the Dark One and his wiles to infect the minds of men and women, shocking news arrives: the being known as “Dragon” has been reborn. The prophecy says that, when he turns 20, he will be able to destroy the world or save it, depending on which force seizes it first.

His mission: discover who the Dragon Reborn is.

The time has come, and Moiraine arrives at the quiet town of Dos Ríos with the omen that there, among 4 special young people of ancestral blood, is the Dragon. Of course, the evil forces are also behind them, so this Sedai will act as “Gandalf” – continuing with the similarities to “Lord of the rings” – and will do what is necessary to protect them in a frenzied flight. Meanwhile, several secrets will be discovered about this group of friends.

Moiraine does what needs to be done; therefore it can sometimes seem cruel. But always observe the greater good. In dialogue with the portal Frames, Rosemund Pike commented: “As the series progresses, you will see that she makes decisions that may surprise you, you will realize that she is very unique, she is like a lone wolf.”

“He is on a mission in which he has invested so much, in this quest to find the dragon reborn, that he would sacrifice almost anything to achieve it.”. Despite the differences, he finds a common space in his filmography: “I am very interested in these characters who are willing to put all their meat on the grill, who will go to the end.”

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Check out the trailer for “The Wheel of Time”!

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