Roselyne Bachelot: this blunder on Jacques Chirac’s deafness which still haunts her today

We couldn’t be more honest. Yet in an environment in which it is unfortunately sometimes necessary to lie, Roselyne Bachelot, she never hesitates to reveal a few little secrets and blunder. Indeed, the Minister of Culture, since she is part of the political sphere, always offers us her share of blunders and makes internet users or people on the plateau with her hilarious. But this blundering side dates from a good time already. As our colleagues from Gala, the politician made a big mistake in 2003 when she was invited to RTL.
At the time Minister of Ecology and Sustainable Development, she was questioned about a rumor circulating around the Elysee Palace and in particular the fact that Jacques Chirac had hearing problems. L’Express even assuring that the Head of State at the time was wearing a hearing aid. On the airwaves, always so frank, Roselyne Bachelot responded to this rumor: “I think so”. But she did not imagine the magnitude that would take his statement. Following this, Jean-François Copé, then government spokesperson, was quick to deny the minister’s statements: “The President is not fitted and if he tested a device one day, for his comfort, obviously that was not conclusive”. A way of “drowning the fish”. If this story was slowly running out of steam, the subject was still discussed in the government and this has also caused great harm to the Minister of Culture today.
Gala noting that the incident had had a big impact on his political career. She also mentioned these in 2015, in the show Back to the past on BFM TV : “This case cost me my government job”, she indicated, referring to her ousting from the government in 2004, just a few months after suggesting that Jacques Chirac had some hearing problems.

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