Ronja Røverdatter star left the spotlight: People think I’m a failure

Hanna Zetterberg was just eleven years old when she got the lead role as Ronja Røverdatter in the film adaptation of the Astrid Lindgren classic of the same name.

The film was a great success and many predicted a great career for the young child star on the big screen.

However, it didn’t lead to any more developments than in the role of Ronja Røverdatter – to the great surprise of many.

However, the former child star is surprised that today – more than 38 years later – her choice to withdraw from the limelight is still being questioned, she reveals in the TV4 program ‘Mauri – vad hände sedan’, writes The Express.

“I have experienced that some people wonder where I went, which may be a fair question. But it sometimes feels as if they think I’m some kind of failure because I haven’t managed to ‘stay in the limelight’,’ says Hanna Zetterberg, adding:

“I didn’t want to – and I’m very happy with the choice I made.”

She also says that as a teenager she tried to avoid large crowds and that it was almost impossible for her to use public transport because she was regularly recognized

Instead of acting, Hanna Zetterberg has thrown herself into a political career and has, among other things, been selected as a representative of the Vänsterpartiet in the Swedish Riksdag.

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