Romulus 2, Matteo Rovere: "Battle scenes like this have never been seen on Italian TV""

Interview with Matteo Rovere, Michele Alhaique, Francesca Mazzoleni and Enrico Maria Artale: directors of Romulus 2, second season of the proto-Latin series on the birth of Rome. On Sky and Now.

Matteo Rovere is the craziest of all: anyone who produces Romulus is crazy!

Michele Alhaique, director too (and actor: his short but intense role as Claudio, the producer of Medical Dimension, in the third season of Boris), thus describes the colleague. Creator, screenwriter, producer and director of RomulusMatteo Rovere with his production company, Groelandia, is really trying to change Italian cinema and seriality. Romulus 2 is available on Sky and NOW and, if possible, is even more ambitious than the first.

Romulus2 Ep08 02112021 0044

Romulus 2: a moment of the eighth episode

Previewed at the Rome Film Fest 2022, Romulus 2 keep following the exploits of Yemos (Andrew Archangels), Wiros (Francis of Naples) and Ilia (Marianne Fontana). The fight for Rome continues and Titos Tatius (Emanuele Di Stefano), the mad king, arrives to upset the balance between the alliances of the three boys.

We met Matthew Oak and its directors right in Rome – where else?! – and, with great confidence, we were told battle scenes like those of these eight new episodes of Romulus they have never seen each other on Italian TV.

Romulus 2: interview with Matteo Rovere

Romulus 2, the actors: “In the second season there is much more anger and violence”

Romulus 2: never seen battle scenes

Romulus2 Ep07 09112021 0278

Romulus 2: a scene from episode 7

Covenants are at the heart of this second season of Romulus. And there is also an important partnership between Rovere and his directors. He confirms this himself: “There is a great alliance between us. We had a lot of fun sharing the direction of the series according to a common vision. It started from me, but then it was shared, discussed and deepened a lot. Our protagonists experience a bit of the same adventure. In the second season there are two great factions that will collide, with elements of different generations of each, but with two extremely different visions. One represented by what we already knew from the first, or the foundation of the city, Wiros, Yemos, Ilia who try to create a system of power linked to democracy, to sharing. On the other side there is a mad king, Tito Tazio, who undermines all their beliefs and tries to make their life fascinating and difficult together “.

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Romulus Ep07 28102021 0207

Romulus 2: A scene photo from episode 7

In this second season there is a lot of fighting. For Michele Alhaique in a way that has never been seen on our TV: “We had a lot of fun. The actors also had a great time. These new scripts have really allowed us to take the conflicts to a very, very high level. Perhaps never really seen in Italian seriality. We rehearsed the choreography with the actors, this allowed us to shoot with them and use stunt doubles very few times. I was lucky enough to direct a huge fight, which is in the sixth episode, with an unprecedented amount of stunts. It was a lot of fun making it and even more fun seeing it“.

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