Romina’s "Big Brother" he denied grated cheese to Lucila La Tora and a scandal broke out: "she sends"

Some participants from ” Big Brother” They have been isolated for more than four months and living in a community, something that means that their spirits are not at their best. Although the end is very close and the production confirmed the date for March 27, Romina and Lucila La Tora, one of the candidates to leave the PlutoTv competition, they staged a heated fight, this time over an unusual food to accompany the meals: grated cheese.

The conflict was in the use they give to the product, since there are not many options today. The entry of relatives made more people to eat, something that is noticeable in the weekly purchase from the supermarket. Despite the fact that these are the last hours of Rodo and Valentina in the house, after the extension of their invitationthe tension took over the Telefe reality show again

While Lucila La Tora from “Big Brother” was in charge of washing the dishes, had a serious conversation with Nacho, his partner. As they recalled a crossing from minutes ago that the cameras didn’t take, she mentioned: I prefer to put grated cheese on a plate for everyone to serve., in case someone wants to repeat. This is better than saving it for a chipá, which already has flavor, in addition”.

Romina from “Big Brother” denied grated cheese to Lucila La Tora.

“As always she commands. Here we all own everything equally”, completed with remarkable discomfort. Despite this complaint, the tension between Romina from “Big Brother” and Lucilla La Tora, even in the last hours there was a claim from the former deputy for her colleagues. “The day I was sleeping, when I got up, they were having sex. I heard the little noises”completed the mother of three daughters to her great friend, Juliet Poggio.

The truth is that hours of uncertainty are lived in the house of “GH”. On Sunday the name of the next eliminated will be known, which will come out between Camila, Julieta Poggio and Lucila La Tora. Fairly Romina also appeared on the undesirable plate but Marcos decided to save her for being the weekly leader.

Nacho and Lucila against Romina from “Big Brother 2022”.

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