Romina’s "Big Brother" got between Maxi and Juliana and unleashed a tough confrontation: the tense video

Coexistence in the house of ” Big Brother 2022″ becomes more and more complex as the weeks go by. The participants of the Telefe reality show clashes are getting stronger and dispute the leadership of the competition. In this sense, Romina Uhrig Y Juliana Diaz They staged a strong crossing.

Watch the moment Juliana faces Romina in “Big Brother 2022”!

A few days ago, the little sisters had a hard time when the 31-year-old criticized the fact that the former deputy has left her daughters alone for so long before joining the television program. The comment destroyed Romina, who was very hurt and shared it with Juliet Y Daniela.

In turn, these are not easy days for Juliana, since in the last hours he ended his relationship with Maxi, with whom he fell in love inside the house of “Big Brother” during the first days of the reality show hosted by Santiago del Moro.

On Sunday afternoon, Juliana let off steam with Lucilla Y Maria Laura on his confrontation with Romina and one controversial attitude that the 34-year-old contestant had with her ex-boyfriend.

Juliana of ' <a href=Big Brother 2022 ‘crying after his separation with Maxi. ” data-height=”271″ data-size=”w:480,h:271″ data-width=”480″ hspace=”5″ src=” sites/cronica/img/2022/11/13/juliana_crying_for_maxi_gran_hermano_202_crop1668372718421.jpeg_185546187.jpeg” title=”Juliana from ‘Big Brother 2022’ crying after her separation with Maxi. “vspace=”5″>
Juliana from “Big Brother 2022” crying after her separation with Maxi.

“Sister, you saw me cry all day for a boy. And you’re not going to tell the bastard: ‘Do you like how these shorts look on me, Maxi?’ Being empathetic, cross the sidewalk in front, you are with a skinny supposedly in love, you fight, that happens… Wouldn’t you say ‘sister, half stack’?”, began by saying the santafesina in relation to an approach that would have had the former legislator Who was your partner with? “GH”.

In the middle of the conversation, the three little sisters were surprised by the entrance of Juliet to the common space. Although “Tora” and “Cata” tried to change the subject, Juliana continued:Besides, you’re talking about inventing and are you transgressing, saying that I said that I was a bad mother?

Juliana is shown near Lucila in ' <a href=Big Brother 2022′.” data-height=”451″ data-width=”800″ data-size=”w:800,h:451″ hspace=”5″ vspace=”5″ title=”Juliana is shown near from Lucila in ‘Big Brother 2022’.” src=”” width=” 800″ height=”451″>
Juliana is shown near Lucila in “Big Brother 2022”.

“Who said that about a bad mother?”interrupted the model, who while she was putting on makeup, listened carefully to the conversation of her companions. “Last night he didn’t say that”, assured the competitor from Catamarca. “No, I didn’t hear it either”, Juliet confirmed.

“No, he didn’t say it last night, but he said it. Because if not, who is going to make that association? Who is going to say that? I told him ‘I admire you, how brave you are’. I don’t know what she wants, for her to open her asshole and lick it so that he notices her? “Juliana launched angrily.

Romina Uhrig mentioned in her entry ' <a href=Big Brother 2022′ who has three daughters and who is separated from the girls’ father. ” data-height=”486″ data-size=”w:2000,h:1306″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src=” sites/cronica/img/2022/11/13/romina_de_gran_hermano.jpg_168654169.jpg” title=”Romina Uhrig mentioned in her entry to ‘Big Brother 2022′ that she has three daughters and that she is separated from the girls’ father. “vspace=”5″>
Romina Uhrig mentioned in her entry to “Big Brother 2022” that she has three daughters and that she is separated from the father of the girls.

Without hesitating for a second, “Disney” faced his partner on good terms. “Juli, why, as you are, who always say that you talk about things, don’t you talk about it?” the actress consulted very calmly.

“Obviously I’m going to talk to her. Didn’t you see that yesterday when I came in I grabbed and faced the situation? Because I don’t eat any mucus”, highlighted Maxi’s ex-girlfriend.

Romina was supported by Daniela and Julieta after the confrontation she had with Juliana in ' <a href=Big Brother 2022′ about motherhood. ” data-height=”420″ data-size=”w:770,h:435″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src=” sites/cronica/img/2022/11/13/romina_y_daniela_gran_hermano_202.jpeg_345970201.jpeg” title=”Romina was supported by Daniela and Julieta after the confrontation she had with Juliana in ‘Big Brother 2022’ about motherhood. “vspace=”5″>
Romina was supported by Daniela and Julieta after the confrontation she experienced with Juliana in “Big Brother 2022” about motherhood.

The door to the room opened and, to everyone’s surprise, romina entered. “Are you mad about what I said yesterday?”asked the former deputy. Although the santafesina could have tried to get out of the situation and not face her partner, she decided to fix things with the former deputy.

“Yes, I want to talk to you, Romi. So, if you want to go, girls”, pointed out the 31-year-old participant, and invited Julieta and María Laura to leave the place. However, the transmission was cut by “Pluto TV”, the platform that transmits what happens in the house ofBig Brother”.

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