Romina’s "Big Brother 2022" and a reprehensible message about Juliet’s body: the video

Some of the participants of “Big Brother 2022” they already became infamous for the controversial statements who do not stop sharing in the most famous house in the country. From Alfa’s sexual comment to Coti a the reprehensible homophobic sayings of Maxi to María Laura, the little brothers will have a lot to answer for outside the contest. This Wednesday, Romina joined the list with a phrase that is late.

Look at Romina’s reprehensible comment to Juliet from Big Brother!

The former deputy was enjoying the sun in the garden of the house next to Juliana Y Danielawhen the conversation turned to the bodies of the other participants. “Juli eats a lot of sweet things and has a really cute little body”she is heard saying to “Tini” about Julietone of the great favorites of ” Big Brother”.

Nevertheless, Romina He had nothing good to say about his partner’s body: “Juli is 20 and I tell you that a lot of cellulite is noticeable, a lot alreadyassured the policy and mother, pointing to her legs and thighs to imply where she observed the “Disney” cellulite.

Just at that moment, the aforementioned woman left the house and got into the conversation, asking who they were talking about. Juliana tried to save Romina repeating that the blonde can eat a lot without gaining weight, but The former deputy had no problem telling Julieta what she thinks of her body to her face.

Do you notice cellulite?. Because you are fattening from the tail and from here, as you said”Told him Romina a Juliet. The little sister’s sayings did not take long to reach social networks, where they were not well received by viewers. “This happens every day, That is why we are as we arewrote Pame Stupia in the tweet where he shared the clip of the moment.

“Oh, how it bothered me, how uncomfortable, stop commenting on the other’s bodyit’s obvious that Julieta got sick”, “I tell you, the truth makes me more sorry than angry, because it’s clear that they are mambos super installed in her head” and “I need Coti to appear again to explain that we don’t talk about the body of others” were some of the reactions of the audience.

Controversy in “Big Brother” for Romina’s reprehensible sayings.

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