Romina Richi recalled the unusual proposal she received from Diego Maradona: “He wanted to take me to Cuba”

Diego Maradona He had a very successful life in terms of his football career and his fans but he also lived a very controversial side that included drugs, alcohol, violence and abuse.

After his death at the end of 2020, many unknown episodes of the soccer idol came to light, among which he highlighted the terrible years he lived. Mavys alvarez with Maradona during his adolescence.

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The Cuban assured that El Diez “covered her mouth and raped her while her mother cried“In addition to getting her into the world of drugs and alcohol when she was a minor.

In this context, Romina Richi, who acted in the star’s tribute series, “Blessed Dream“He recalled an unusual moment that he lived with Diego Maradona and Guillermo Coppola after a night of drinks at a bowling alley.

Romina Richi as a “star” in the series “Blessed Dream”.

Is it true that Diego once wanted to take you to Cuba, is it true? How was that episode?“, started Jey Mammón in your program America TV, to which the actress went on to give details: “Yes. I met him at a bowling alley, we all stayed there dancing, we were as a group. And at one point, when I leave, he puts me on top of the car. The next thing I see is Diego’s face here”.

And I started and Guillermo Coppola came out, who was there too. And I say, ‘Please, Guillermo, get him off the top of the car! Guillermo takes him out of the car “, revealed between laughs in “The Mammons”.

The episode did not end there as a Maradona employee contacted her: “After a while the secretary called me: ‘Diego wants you to go with him to Cuba, he wants to invite you to go with him tomorrow.’ But i said no. I adore it, but I said no and thanked for the invitation”.

Look at Romina Richi’s story about a wild night with Diego Maradona!

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