Romina Pereiro was left out of the new Ariel Rodríguez Palacios program, because of Jorge Rial?

Romina Pereiro goes from bad to worse. After the furious reaction he would have had upon learning that Jorge Rial started a new romancethe nutritionist would have been removed from a new work project that she was going to integrate.

As indicated in “LAM”, “there was pressure“for Romina Pereiro to leave “Ariel in her sauce”, the cycle that will star Ariel Rodriguez Palacio and will be seen soon on the Telefe screen.

From Paramount and Telefe they informed me that Romina will not be on the program by their decision. They told me ‘there is a lot of pressure‘”, held Ángel de Brito questioning Rial’s influence in the media. While Pia Shaw accurate: “In the last hours, they recorded a promotional video, where Ariel Rodríguez Palacios is with the members of the cycle and the absence of the nutritionist is notorious“. was able to confirm that Pereiro will not be in the Ariel cycle. In any case, from the production of the program they assure that the idea is that the nutritionist is later.

For her part, Romina had already announced her incorporation into Ariel’s team and was more than enthusiastic about the project. “I’m happy to tell you that since Monday I join the telefe screen. I’m going to be in ‘Ariel en su Salsa’ with @arielrodriguezpalacios and a spectacular team that I met today“, he wrote from his Instagram account.

The idea is going to be to have a lot of fun (but a lot) and learn. Thank you Telefe, production, Ariel and the whole team for trusting me“. See you from next Monday at 11.15“, closed Pereiro

Video: Was Romina Pereiro left out of the cycle of Ariel Rodríguez Palacio because of Jorge Rial?

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