Rome, the pine forest in Castel Fusaro burns: explosions in a campsite

Rome, 22 July 2022 – Burn the pine forest of Castel Fusanothe flames have invaded a campsite: smoke ed explosions in the south of Rome. The flames would have started from a wooden container of Castelfusano Country Club for reasons still to be ascertained. Several wooden structures destroyed, there are none wounded nor intoxicated. The fire broke out in the afternoon, the campsite was closed.

It is not the first time that the Country Club is on fire: seized several times, the campsite is once in the pine forest hunting estate of the princes Chigi. From 17 of today, three teams of
vigili del fuoco, with two tank trucks, they are working for put out the fire flared up inside Castel Fusano. Firefighters are busy with two Canadair, a helicopter and ground crews for a fire that is affecting the pine forest of Castel Fusano, on the Canale dei Pescatori side, within the Country Club area. Two regional helicopters are also operating to extinguish. As far as we know, the shutdown phases were ending at 6 pm.

Firefighters at the stake

Agronomists: “Tree heritage of inestimable value”

“The risk to the arboreal heritage it is very high, because it is a invaluable and irreplaceable. Not to mention the possible problem related to release of dioxins in the air. Unfortunately, it is not the first fire of this summer and we can speak of a disaster announced“. These are the very heavy words of Flavio Pezzolipresident of the Order of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors of Rome.

“As Order of Agronomists of Rome we have shouted for help previously – continues Pezzoli – which have remained unheard. It takes courage and a strong stance from
part of the Municipality, to put an end to this wave of fires that threatens to devastate the great green heritage of our city “.

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