Rome, the dating chat and the traces of DNA: the tracks of the investigators to find the killer of the three women

The day after the discovery of three women’s bodies within a radius of 500 meters in the Prati district of Rome, the investigators of the flying squad try to reconstruct the movements of the killer which killed a 65-year-old Colombian woman and two Chinese citizens. The three victims prostituted themselves and it is among their clients that they are looking for the man who stabbed them several times in the throat and chest with a blade.

The chat and the hypothesis of premeditation– From a chat on an online platform used by Martha Castano Torres for appointments with clients, a first shortlist of names to work on could arrive while the cell phone analysis of the three victims continues to verify the contacts they had before the crimes that occurred very close to each other. The modus operandi quite similar it could also suggest a premeditated action. The Rome prosecutors, who have opened two files for voluntary homicide, have entrusted the police with a series of checks and preliminary investigations by listening to numerous witnesses who, however, would not have provided an “identikit” of the attacker.

The traces of DNA – Investigators are also examining any traces of DNA present on the women’s bodies and in the apartments in via Durazzo and via Riboty where the feminicides took place. At the moment the two Asian victims, in all likelihood Chinese citizens, have not been identified and the ownership of the apartment in via Riboty is also being verified. There is also no trace of the weapon used and in this area the garbage bins present in the Piazzale Clodio area as well as the security cameras.

The first femicide – The first crime took place and was committed in the basement of via Durazzo. The first to be killed would have been the Colombian woman shot in the chest during intercourse. A short time later, the two Chinese women in Riboty’s apartment on the first floor were killed. The perpetrator of the double homicide, according to what has been reconstructed so far, first hit the Chinese girl with whom he allegedly went away to have sex and then the second woman who came to the rescue. At that moment the Chinese girl, still naked, would have tried to escape but she was reached on the landing where she was later found lifeless by the doorman. In the near future, you will be entrusted with the autopsy on the bodies of the three victims to clarify whether the fatal wounds were inflicted with the same type of weapon, probably a stiletto. On the body of the two Chinese citizens, via Riboty, wounds to the throat, chest and back were identified.

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