Rome, Gualtieri postpones the closure of the Albano Laziale landfill to July: but in the summer the Democratic Party protested together with the mayors of the territory

The landfill of Albano Laziale, in the province of Rome. Roberto Gualtieri, as mayor of the Metropolitan City, has the disputed trade union ordinance has been extended issued last July by the former first citizen of the M5s, Virginia Raggi. The waste from Rome and the hinterland, for a total of 24 municipalities, will therefore continue to go to the site of Roncigliano. The signature on the extension arrived yesterday, 11 January, and was notified this morning to the municipal administration led by Massimiliano Borelli, Mayor Dem who, after having garnered the support of his party leaders during the summer protests on the Capitol, today it is said “Regretted” and talk about one “Bitter and disappointing decision”.

THE TEXT – The ordinance acknowledges “the continuation of the critical state in the management of urban waste in Roma Capitale and its establishment, following the reduction in availability at the landfill of Viterbo, of a state of criticality, also extended to numerous municipalities in the metropolitan area “and takes into account” the persistence of state of health emergency due to the resurgence of the epidemic from Covid-19 which could aggravate the critical hygienic-sanitary situation resulting from the failure to collect municipal waste “and therefore establishes” to extend the time limit of effectiveness of the metropolitan mayor’s ordinance of 14 July 2021 until 15 July 2022 “. The purpose is to “avoid worsening the emergency situation connected to the critical issues highlighted in waste management and prevent the interruption of the public service for the collection of urban waste in Rome and the metropolitan area of ​​Rome “, thus avoiding” harmful effects on health and the environment “. On the site, according to the monitoring carried out between May and November 2021 by Harp Lazio and referred to in the document, “the persistence of the exceeding the contamination threshold concentrations (Csc) for inorganic parameters and for organ-halogenated substances, without however highlighting significant changes compared to the situation ascertained prior to the reopening of the landfill “and therefore the ordinance also asks the Lazio Region reclamation area” the immediate activation of the area remediation procedure subject to exceeding the Csc “.

THE REACTION – Despite the footnote to protect the environment, however, to read the provision the mayor of Albano Laziale, Massimiliano Borelli, fell into despair. “We thought there was a change of pace but the situation does not change. The decision taken is bitter, disappointing and we regret so much ”, he comments reached by telephone “There are virtuous territories in separate waste collection that must succumb to Municipalities that do not do what they must – he continues – But now we will react with pride, thinking about a system strategy “. The hypothesis, together with the other mayors of the neighboring municipalities, is to deliver three requests to the address of the mayor Gualtieri. “We pretend that he puts on black on white the end date of this massacre, that a date is indicated for the start of the hydrogeological characterization and reclamation of the site, that real actions are put in place that will lead to the closure of a waste cycle in the territory of Rome “, he concludes. Less diplomatic and ready to protest, however, the committees of the territory. The “No Inc” committee has already called one demonstration for January 15th next, in Rome, in Piazza Santi Apostoli, in front of Palazzo Valentini which houses the metropolitan city council. “These six months of garrison in front of the gates of the landfill, in the midst of the miasma, must not be in vain. The fight continues ”, announce from the committee.

MOODS IN THE CENTER LEFT – The decision, which is defined at Palazzo Senatorio “Inevitable due to the inherited situation”, some discontent has raised him in the center left. In Democratic party for now we have chosen the path of silence. “If someone from the majority in the Capitol contacted me? So far no, at the moment still no one ”, says the mayor Borelli laconically. The group Civic Left Ecologist, part of the majority coalition, instead urged the junta to quickly present a program that reassures the inhabitants of the province on the timing of escape from the emergency. “I am in the majority and I am aware that, due to the inherited critical situation, we could not help but extend the ordinance at this time”, he explains Alessandro Luparelli, head of the SCE group in the Capitoline Assembly. “However, we believe that, after protesting alongside the mayors and committees against the reopening of the landfill, it is now also necessary to show a change of pace and to present to the territory a plan to escape from the crisis. We must give reassurances and guarantees, otherwise we risk that these instances are easily ridden by the opposition and the right-wing “.

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